Eat Shit SwearBear Keychain *FREE SHIPPING
Eat Shit SwearBear Keychain *FREE SHIPPING
Bella Fox & Co.

Eat Shit SwearBear Keychain *FREE SHIPPING

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Prepare to unleash your inner rebel with this unique design that combines the charm of Care Bears with some delightfully cuss-tastic language.


Please note: Due to the hilarious nature of these designs, snort-laughing may occur. We cannot be held responsible for any unexpected outbursts of joy!

Warning: SwearBearshave been known to attract envious glances from friends. Prepare to be the envy of your crew!


*Disclaimer: This listing is intended for entertainment purposes only. Care Bears and their respective owners are not affiliated with this product.


*Approximately 3 X 3 inches

*Please note charms may vary

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